Webinar: Enabling the digital transformation of travel businesses with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Enable digital transformation in your travel agency

Many small and mid-sized travel agencies are faced with similar challenges. What if there was a way to keep the business profitable during low seasons? And to eliminate a lot of the manual processes to be able to focus on better customer service? Or to avoid having data in multiple systems due to a lack of integration, making it possible to tailor your customer experience more easily? What if we said that all of this is possible? Sign up for our free webinar to get an insight into how to leverage the right technology for your travel business to thrive through the digital age.  

We will present a solution that:

•  Integrates your back and mid office into a single system

•  Helps you gain efficiency and improve decision-making and customer service 

•  Helps you keep up with compliance and data security

15th of November 11.00 CET
20th of December 11.00 CET

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